Straddlebug || Aubrie Richard - Adams HS Memorial

In Loving Memory
of Aubrie Lauren

(1987 - 2004)

From Adams High School Year Book

Everyone who knew you loved you
You touched everyone you met
You were too young to die
Why did you have to leave so early?
It's what we all wonder..
We don't understand why,
Why you? Why our friend?
We may never know why
But we were all blest
to have such a great friend
You held a special place
in all of our hearts.

You left us with so many great
No one will ever forget..
your beautiful blue eyes,
your long blond hair
your perfect little smile
your loud, crazy laugh
the way you walked all pigeon toed..
YOu were SO beautiful,
It's just not fair,
Why did some one so great
have to be taken away from us?

Now I cherish all the memories,
all the old pictures,
the clothes I still have of yours..
Thank you for coming into my life
I miss you soo much
You'll NEVER be forgotten
and You'll ALWAYS be in our
I Love yOu Aubs <3 Brooke

By: Brooke Ullery 2004

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